Tsinghua Pharmaceutical Innovation Center

Led by Tsinghua University's School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS) and in collaboration with multiple parties, Tsinghua Pharmaceutical Innovation Center (TPIC) is an open, collaborative, and entrepreneurial platform to develop new medicine and treatment and drive breakthroughs in key pharmaceutical technologies. Leveraging global resources, TPIC endeavors to explore innovative and sustainable models in translational research and entrepreneurial talent development, and to build a global pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem by bridging Tsinghua's academia with multiple sectors and industries in China and abroad.


Leveraging Tsinghua's strong foundation in biomedical research and SPS's advanced drug discovery facility, TPIC strives to accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into novel medicinal and therapeutic treatment with small molecule and biologics drug, gene therapy, cell therapy and medical device. TPIC also aims to explore innovative business models to support translational research and bring translational outcome into the market. TPIC also plans to develop additional incubating and accelerating projects targeting at different phases of R&D with diversified funding opportunities.

Serving as a key component for Tsinghua University's entrepreneurial demo program, TPIC draws from the world's top practice to explore innovative models in pharmaceutical innovation and entrepreneurship education. Determined to build an open and interdisciplinary community across academia and industry for Tsinghua's faculty, students and alumni as well as researchoriented pharmaceutical companies and startups, TPIC will organize global forums, pharmaceutical innovation competitions and training programs on R&D management on a regular basis.

With a global vision and a strong focus on interdisciplinary and crosssector cooperation, TPIC will leverage China's significant talents and R&D capacities to promote international collaborations with the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, investment firms and research institutions in drug discovery and translational research. Moving forward, TPIC looks forward to partnering with organizations and individuals around the world, whom share the same vision and value, to jointly develop a global pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem.

In today's world, the rapidly emerging new science and technologies have fundamentally impacted and reshaped the drug discovery model, industrial landscape and capital flows in the pharmaceutical industry. Following this megatrend and leveraging resources from the world's renowned organizations and experts, TPIC strives to establish an integrated and sustainable global pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem with exceptional capabilities in translational research, entrepreneurship education and business alliance to enhance China's nascent biomedical industry, and in the long run, improving health of mankind worldwide.