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Collaboration is a key element of SPS's mission toward disease understanding and therapeutic innovations. Together with our partners, we are building a global ecosystem for biomedical research that can sustainably enable pharmaceutical breakthroughs and enhance quality of life. We actively seek partnerships ranging from research and technology collaborations to joint drug development, licensing, and sponsored research opportunities in specific disease categories (e.g., cancer, cardio-vascular disease, infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, metabolic diseases, and neurodegenerative disease), research areas (e.g., stem cell and gene therapy)and technology development (e.g., drug target discovery, sequencing and formulation engineering). Our partners include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Meyers Squibb Company, Bayer, Roche, Beijing Unisplendour Pharmaceutical, etc.


If your organization is thinking about partnering with SPS or wishing to learn more about how to collaborate, we welcome and value your inquiry sent to the Development Office at