Translational Medicine | Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (Beijing)

In 2016, Tsinghua University and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation agreed to jointly establish the Global Health Drug Discovery Institute (GHDDI). SPS will partner and assist in leading the development and operations of the Institute. The GHDDI (Beijing) also partnered with the California Institute for Biomedical Research (Calibr) to strengthen its expertise and capacity in translational medicine.

The GHDDI (Beijing) aims to become a transformative drug discovery and translational platform with advanced biomedical research and development capabilities. The Institute will leverage China's significant talents and R&D capacities, promote international collaborations, and enhance early drug development by bridging global drug discovery innovations with translational developments. 

GHDDI (Beijing) will build an open and collaborative environment to attract more outstanding partners from China and around the world. SPS will collaborate with partners to assist GHDDI (Beijing) in its future development, including technology development and translational research innovation. Thus, both partners will be well equipped to  fulfill the shared vision of enhancing drug discovery and development to improve global health.