Research | Research Overview
SPS is developed on the strong foundation established by Tsinghua University's leading research capabilities in life sciences, basic medical science, chemistry, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, and material science. The University's recent advances in nanotechnology, diagnostics and medical device, clinical science, hospital management and public health will also facilitate the continuous growth of SPS.

Being a newly established school, SPS is able to strategically position its research priorities on select frontiers of pharmaceutical science. Focusing on the five pillars of modern medicine, namely, small molecule, biologics, gene therapy, cell therapy and medical device, we endeavor to drive drug discovery and pharmaceutical research in three highly interdisciplinary areas:

All the current SPS faculty members possess a strong educational background and track record of innovative research in leading universities and institutes around the world. Many are recognized by the national science community with high honors. Several faculty members also bring significant industry R&D experience from previous careers at major multinational pharmaceutical companies. We plan to significantly expand our faculty team in coming years in order to broaden key research areas and enhance overall research capabilities.