About Us | A Letter from the Dean

Tsinghua University established the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2012, and the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences formally in December 2015. The school always adheres to the vision and mission of “leading technological innovation and serving human health”. Relying on the construction of international high-quality talent teams and the strong multi-disciplinary advantages of Tsinghua University, the school presents its vigorous vitality and huge development potential, and has achieved healthy and rapid development, gaining high attention both at home and abroad.

The school attaches great importance to the construction of talent teams. From its inception, the department/school has been active in introducing outstanding scientists in related fields from all over the world, strengthening the introduction and training of young talents, and making scientific planning and rational layout to build a new pattern for the mainstream pharmaceutical development, and create a cutting-edge pharmaceutical development platform in line with international standards. Today, the school has built a team of high-quality talents, with its overall academic level constantly improving, and ranks among the top in the world in a number of fields, and its international influence continues to grow.

The school always bears in mind its mission of education. Sticking to the fundamental task of fostering virtues and talents, the school resolutely carries out the “trinity” education concept of Tsinghua University to train talents in an elaborate and scientific manner, and has cultivated batches of young students who look up at the starry sky and are also down-to-earth for our country. Following the approval for an undergraduate degree program in pharmacy in 2009 and the approval for a master’s degree program in pharmacy as first-level subject in 2011, Tsinghua University was successfully approved to set up a doctoral degree program in pharmacy as first-level subject in 2022, which marks the formal establishment of an integrated education and teaching system of undergraduate degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree programs in pharmacy at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The school will take this opportunity to further explore the training mode of leading talents in pharmacy, and continue to provide top-notch innovative talents for domestic and international pharmaceutical communities.

The school adheres to the educational philosophy of strengthening foundation and laying emphasis on transformation. The strength of scientific research is significantly improving, and remarkable achievements have been made in the transformation of innovative drugs for major diseases, with a number of innovative drugs and diagnostic products entering the clinical research stage. Presently, as various diseases, e.g. cancer, infectious diseases and chronic diseases, still pose unprecedented severe challenges to human health, the school will continue to take serving human health as our supreme pursuit by making active innovations to overcome key difficulties, strengthening the deep integration of industry, education and research, and promoting the transformation of technological achievements, so as to serve the society and human health in an all-round way.

In the future, we will continue to follow the core principle of “clear positioning, maintaining advantages and highlighting distinctive characteristics”, and gather all forces to steadily advance the joint development of discipline construction, talent training, scientific research and social services; closely track the pharmaceutical development trends, further strengthen and clarify the distinctive characteristics of pharmacy, and improve the level of forward-looking and leading scientific research; focus on the frontier science of biomedicine, expand the radiation across pharmacy related interdisciplinary frontier disciplines, reinforce the collaboration with relevant schools, departments and research institutions inside and outside the university, and enhance the resource exchange and cooperative research and development with the biomedical industry. Centering on teaching and scientific research, we will strive to improve the training system and quality of pharmaceutical talents, continue to broaden international exchanges and cooperation in the new context, and keep enhancing the international influence of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, trying to become a leader in the cause of human health at an early date.

Dean of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tsinghua University