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The Center of Pharmaceutical Technology is a core facility providing high quality public service of drug discovery, drug development and drug evaluation for Tsinghua University and the whole scientific society. We provide support and technology to basic and translational research programs of pharmaceutical, life sciences and medical related research topics.

At present, the resources at the center include the PK/PD analysis, high-throughput screening, high-content Screening, NMR spectroscopy, and computer-aided drug design.

In August 2010, with the support of the 985 Special Fund, Tsinghua University initiated the “Drug Discovery Core Facility” and purchased instruments for the research of pharmaceutical sciences and related areas. In July 2011, the instruments were installed and operational. After the establishment of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in December 2015, the core facility added more shared instruments, gradually expanding the scope of service and influence. In August 2018, the facility was approved for public scientific research, and was renamed “Center of Pharmaceutical Technology”. In line with the goal of “innovation, education and translational research”, the center will strive to become a facility for pharmaceutical research worldwide, break the technical barriers of pharmaceutical research and development, and train next generation scientists for innovative pharmaceutical research and development.

The center offers instrument use and sample submission. In addition to these services, we also provide to users specialized training from background explanation, project design, experiment preparation, instrument operation to data analysis.

Contact Details

PKPD facility: 62788677 or 62795450

High-throughput Screening facility: 62795723

NMR Spectroscopy Facility: 62784527

Computer-Aided Drug Design Platform: 62780749

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