Advisory Board

The Tsinghua School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS) Advisory Board was established in 2017 to provide strategic guidance and development support to SPS with an aim to build a world-class research and educational institute, and enhance Tsinghua’s global impact in the field of biomedical research and pharmaceutical innovation.

The Advisory Board consists of members who are renowned scientists and educators, outstanding healthcare business leaders and investors, state leaders and government officials as well as distinguished individuals and philanthropists. By building a platform among the academia, industry, government, NGOs and philanthropists worldwide, the Advisory Board provides valuable opinions and advices on healthcare issues of public interest as well as national and global importance. The Advisory Board will hold a series of activities including annual board meeting, forums, seminars that involve Tsinghua faculties, students, alumni and leaders from all sectors.

Board Members

As of December 2020, members of the Advisory Board include (a growing list):