International Exchange | International Exchange

I. International Student Exchange

Help student develop an international perspective in the global context, form cross-cultural cognition and self-cultural re-cognition, enhance scientific spirit and creative ability, form social emotional ability and leadership, etc.

1. Lectures by Internationally Renowned Experts


The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is committed to improving the level of education and scientific research of its students. Every year, the school organizes various forums and lectures to promote the extensive communication and in-depth interaction between students and renowned experts in the international pharmaceutical industry. Since 2017, the school has invited Professor Robert W. Mahley, Professor Peter G. Schultz and other experts to give wonderful lectures for teachers and students. In the future, we will also bring more themed lectures for students to improve their comprehensive capability.

2. InSPIRE Program

InSPIRE Program is a summer research program launched by the University of Melbourne to grant funds for junior undergraduates from renowned medical schools in China to study in Australia, aiming to foster students’ interest in scientific research and promote the cooperation in education and scientific research between China and Australia. Since 2016, at the invitation of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI) in Australia, we have selected outstanding students to take part in the international student research experience program every year, and receive scientific research training for a period of 8-9 weeks in Melbourne, providing an exchange and learning platform for outstanding students. During the summer research training, the InSPIRE Committee will assign a supervisor to each student at his/her will, and the student will conduct research and training under the guidance of that supervisor and with the help of relevant postdoctoral fellows and senior doctoral students and researchers. Meanwhile, students will be trained in laboratory safety, basic instrument operation and relevant work experience to ensure that students meet local requirements for conducting experiments. The program can help improve our students’ experimental operation skills, arouse their interest and thinking in academic research, and also establish students’ contact with leading scientists in the world.


3. Amgen Program

Amgen Program is a famous international summer camp program launched and supported by the Amgen Foundation, aiming to grant funds for undergraduate students from all over the world with a medical background to study and practice in the world’s top medical institutions. In 2018, Tsinghua University was selected into the “Amgen Scholars Program”, becoming one of 24 organizers worldwide and 4 organizers in Asia, as well as the first and only institution in China selected therein. Every year, Amgen scholars who have been selected through various levels will take part in eight-week summer intensive study at Tsinghua University under the guidance of their supervisors. Through a combination of academic exchange and research practice, the program provides an exchange and sharing platform for Amgen scholars, and also brings a rich wealth of knowledge and unforgettable memories for Amgen scholars from all over the world.


II. International Academic Exchange

To further implement the national strategy for innovation-driven development, seize the strategic opportunity period of the healthy development of medicine, and accelerate the innovative research and development comprehensively, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences organizes international exchanges and academic conferences, inviting international experts and scholars to analyze and discuss the development trends and frontiers of pharmacy, and also exchange and display new achievements, new progress, new technology and new experience, with an expectation to provide a platform for teachers and students to carry out academic exchanges, communicate research information, share experience, strengthen international cooperation and promote the transformation of research achievements, enhance the international competitiveness and influence of young and middle-aged teachers, cultivate transnational, cross-school, interdisciplinary and cross-field innovation teams, and improve students’ academic research capability.

III. Global Cooperation

To consolidate and deepen education and scientific research cooperation with colleges, universities and academic teams at home and abroad, establish a global partnership system, actively get involved in the development and sharing of global high-quality education and scientific research resources, expand the fields of cooperation, and form a new cooperation pattern with reasonable levels and prominent focuses, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences is active in promoting global innovative drug research and development, and expanding the scope of cooperation between the school and the world’s top pharmaceutical and related institutions to enhance the international influence of the school and the university. The school continues to carry out joint teaching with a number of internationally renowned universities, especially the joint doctoral program with the Scripps Research in the United States, which has attracted wide attention in the international community. These efforts have greatly enhanced the international influence of the school and related disciplines. At present, the school has established substantial cooperation with Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Unisplendour Pharmaceutical, Wuxi Apptec, Simcere and other well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad, in order to strengthen the cooperation and exchanges between the school and the business community in technology, talent, information and other aspects. Meanwhile, the school established the Advisory Board of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2017, inviting outstanding scientists, authoritative educators, renowned entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, government officials and influential individuals in relevant fields at home and abroad to serve as members and provide continuous guidance and support for the construction and development of the school, so as to realize our goal of building a world-class pharmaceutical school and pharmaceutical research institution. In the future, on the basis of maintaining existing partners, we will continue to develop new partners and new cooperation models, bringing more possibilities for the school.