Academics | Postdoctoral Application Process

I. Interview

The applicant contacts the supervisor with similar research interests for panel interview.

II. Physical Examination

After passing the panel interview, contact the relevant teacher of the school for physical examination.

III. Online Information Submission

1. Visit the Recruitment Website of Tsinghua University to apply for a position

2. Visit the China Postdoctoral Website, click on “Postdoctoral Entry and Exit”, and according to the “Notes”, register and log in from “Access” for information submission.

3. Notes for information submission at the website:

(1) Use Internet Explorer and select compatibility mode.

(2) Only one supervisor can be entered (or if the supervisor is a part-time teacher, two supervisors should be entered);

(3) The entry review form should be signed by hand and sealed, valid for the current month; the uploaded entry review form, ID card, academic degree certificate, proof of resignation and other attachments should be colored scanned copies of the originals;

(4) The applicant’s ID card number, address of registered permanent residence, information at the police station, and hukou information should be verified with the photocopy of the household registration book; in case of hukou moved to the university, “Address of Arrival” shall be: No. 1, Tsinghua Park, Haidian District, and “Household Registration Office of Arrival (Police Station)” should be: Zhongguancun Police Station;

(5) Study and work experience should be continuous, and time should be written in Arabic numerals instead of “till now”;

(6) All fields of doctoral information should be filled in completely and accurately;

(7) Information about research projects and papers during the doctoral period is required.

IV. Submission of Paper-based Materials

When passing the physical examination and the review by the school of the entry information at the China Postdoctoral Website, paper-based materials can be submitted. For the list of submissions, please visit The applicant should choose the corresponding materials according to his/her postdoctoral type.

Note: The deadline for submission of paper-based materials is the 20th day of each month. If submitted this month, the applicant will receive a notice of entry around the 15th day of next month. In case of holidays, the entry time will be postponed accordingly.

V. Entry

Upon approval of the state, the applicant should complete all the entry procedures according to the notice of entry issued by the university (applying for a work card, bank card, etc.).

Special Attention:

Entry materials will not be received in January or July (February and August are winter and summer vacation time of the university, when entry procedures cannot be handled);